Certified Translations, Court Interpreters, All Types of Translations (English Language)

sudski tumac 6Court interpreters and translators in OMNIA Communications offer certified and non-certified translations of all types of contracts and legal documents, records, birth, marriage and other certificates, bank statements, declarations, licenses, consents, confirmations, school documents and diplomas, medical records, deeds of incorporation, balance statements, authorizations, to and from English language.

sudski tumac 3We have almost 20 years of experience with translations of various types of documents and are truly committed to producing results within the deadlines. We offer quality work and competitive prices, with a guaranteed confidentiality of all private and business information.

sudski tumac 2Translations are delivered in person, by electronic mailfax or express delivery to the client’s address.





sudski tumacAll types of translations to and from English language, verified translations – these are the most frequent add words used by all translation companies. But how can one stand out in this vast sea of similar ads? Even though managing translations can be very complex – we keep it very simple and financially competitive. After almost two decades we can say this recipe works as we managed to establish a lasting cooperation with many international and domestic companies. No big words or promises – just simplicity.

We also make no distinction between “big” and “small” clients or projects. There is no higher or lower price. We treat everyone the same as we deem each client equally important. We insist on efficiency but will never jeopardize the quality. We do not limit ourselves with working hours and days as we do understand when the matter at hand is urgent. We abide by the rules of profession, which means that you can be sure that your information will remain confidential.

sudski tumac 15Above all, we love our work and are constantly upgrading our knowledge applying new skills and standards in the sphere of technology, software and communications. This is why I recommend you to test our services and testify to the above!

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Friendly regards,                 Nenad Lukic, CEO             OMNIA Communications